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CoolDoctors Leverages Kandy’s Cloud Communications Platform for Telemedicine Applications for Eye Care Professionals

by Kandy, io

San Francisco, CA, September 22, 2016 –  GENBAND, a leading provider of real-time communications solutions, today announced a technology development collaboration between Kandy, its disruptive cloud communications platform that allows anyone to easily add voice, video, messaging, presence, and collaboration capabilities directly into their mobile and web applications, and CoolDoctors, the world’s leading telemedicine platform provider for eye care professionals and ophthalmology practices.

The CoolDoctors cloud-based telemedicine platform and mobile application, with voice, messaging and video features powered by Kandy, is being featured at the Telecom Council Carrier Connections conference September 28 - 29 at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, California.

“Our development team has worked closely with the Kandy team to create a breakthrough solution enabling eye care professionals to provide more convenient, affordable and effective care to their patients,” said Rajesh Ramchandani, CEO, CoolDoctors. “Over a fully HIPAA compliant platform, doctors can interact with their patients, seeing them online for triage care for non-urgent eye conditions, Dry Eye and post-operative follow-ups.”

 “As a producer on the television show, ‘Survivor’ I spend a lot of time abroad. In the past, if I had a health issue, there was no way of getting help from my doctors back home,” said Joe Anglim, Producer of CBS show Survivor Fiji. “CoolDoctors changes all that.”

The CoolDoctors application, which is available for Apple and Android device downloads, also includes several important eye tests, which allow users to perform self-evaluations at home and share them with their doctors for offline evaluation. This automation of follow-up care is proving to increase patient satisfaction, improve clinical outcomes and bring additional revenue to ophthalmology practices. Their cloud-based platform provides access to the patient’s doctor’s portal from anywhere using the mobile app, or any laptop or desktop computer with a Google Chrome browser.

“We are extremely proud to have contributed to this ground-breaking platform,” said Paul Pluschkell, co-founder and CEO, Kandy. “This is one of the most powerful solutions we’ve seen developed using WebRTC and related technologies, with the potential to improve care for millions of people and improve the business for eye care professionals around the world as their business continues to scale. Kandy is all about supporting creativity and commerce, and visionary entrepreneurs like the founders of CoolDoctors.”

The mobile app makes it easy for patients to select their condition from a list of options that can be treated via telemedicine. After selecting the condition, the patient simply answers a few questions and uploads picture of the affected eye(s). They then connect with their doctor for a video evaluation. The doctor can prescribe the appropriate treatment plan and prescriptions if needed.

After more than a year of development and real world beta testing, the CoolDoctors platform is now generally available for licensing by eye care professionals.

About CoolDoctors

We believe advancements in technologies that are happening in the industry and those we are working on at CoolDoctors will help patients who need on-going care for conditions such as Glaucoma, Macular Degeneration and Diabetes to manage their care from home without having to spend time driving to their doctor’s office for every visit. Our platform can reduce the cost of care significantly and save thousands of dollars for patients with eye care needs while providing them safe alternatives to office visits. For more information, please visit www.cooldoctors.io

About Kandy

GENBAND’s Kandy communications Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) is a real-time software development platform built from GENBAND’s core communications, presence, security and real-time technologies. Kandy enables service providers, enterprises, software vendors, systems integrators, partners and developers to enrich their applications and services with real-time contextual communications, providing a more engaging user experience. With Kandy, companies of all sizes and types can quickly embed real-time communications capabilities into their existing applications and business processes. For more information visit kandy.io.


GENBAND is a global leader in real-time communications software solutions for service providers, enterprises, independent software vendors, systems integrators and developers in over 80 countries. Kandy, its award-winning, disruptive real-time communications software development platform, is built from the company’s global telecommunications network and security technologies. The platform enables these companies to easily embed a full suite of voice, video, chat, screen-sharing and collaboration capabilities into their existing business, web and mobile applications.  The company’s Network Modernization, Unified Communications, Mobility and Embedded Communications solutions enable its customers to quickly capitalize on growing market segments and introduce differentiating products, applications and services. GENBAND’s market-leading solutions, which are deployable in the network, on premise or through the cloud, help its customers connect people to each other and address the growing demands of today’s consumers and businesses for real-time communications wherever they happen to be. To learn more visit genband.com.

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