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Cloud-based PBX and Video Services for IBM Connections® and Sametime®

Ribbon Communications' Realtime Connections Client – a cloud communications tool that brings together cloud PBX and video services with the power of IBM Connections and Sametime –delivered from the Kandy Business Solutions Cloud.

  • Kandy’s robust enterprise PBX services
  • Kandy’s voice and video conferencing
  • Kandy screen share
  • IBM Sametime chat
  • IBM Sametime presence
  • Connections Meetings and content management

Employees can access communication services from anywhere with a PC/Mac, mobile device or industry standard SIP phone.

IBM Collaboration with Real-Time Communications

Communication Tools for Every Task – Not Just Knowledge Workers

Some collaboration tools appear to be designed only for employees that stare at a computer all day. Yet, manufacturing, retail, medical and many other kinds of organizations have employees that aren’t tethered to a computer or even a smartphone. So, whether you’re a busy executive or busy nurse in a hospital you need to be connected to be effective. The right communication tools must address the needs of both knowledge workers and task workers.

The Realtime Connections Client combines compelling collaboration tools with powerful communication features. Kandy Cloud UC assures delivery of both traditional and next generation communications services. One wing of a medical practice can continue to use calling services like call park, overhead paging and shared line appearances while the other leverages video conferencing and screen share. Kandy gives every employee the communication experience they need to be productive.

1 in 9 Americans Works in Sales or Retail

The results of a 2016 survey from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics underscore that business communication tools need to support a wide range of work environments, including many that are not office centric.

The same survey showed that 9% of Americans work in Healthcare, the majority as nurses and occupational therapists that are also not in office centric roles.

One Experience for Communications & Collaboration

Cloud PBX/ Voice Calling

Full-featured solution that makes it practical to replace legacy PBXs

Video Conferencing

Point to point video and multi-party video conferencing improves engagement

IM/ Presence & Directory

Integrate with Sametime and Connections to assure a seamless experience

Content Sharing - Meetings

Launch meetings from the Realtime Connections Client

3rd Party Integration

Integrate other business applications to communication enable the business process

Innovative Client Architecture

Omni technology reduces the cost to deploy and manage clients

Cloud PBX and Video for IBM Enterprise

Integrating Real-time Communications Services into IBM Connection

Superior Value

Better Clients

Innovative client technology lowers the cost to deploy and manage clients. The Realtime Connections Client combines container technology and WebRTC to enable centralized management and consistent services across devices.

Pay Only For What You Need

Don’t pay for bundles of services employees can’t use. Combine the appropriate communication and collaboration elements based on the user’s role and needs.

Standards-based Phones

Still need a desk phone? Choose from a variety of industry standard (SIP) phones that work in concert with the mobile and desktop clients. No more vendor lock-ins.

Realtime Connections Client

Realtime Connections Client

Realtime Connections Client for IBM

Learn more about the Client’s capabilities

Enterprise Ready Communications

Why pay a premium price for antiquated PBX equipment that doesn’t deliver the communication services employees need or want. Why risk buying “boxes” that are too big or too small – Kandy Business Solutions’ cloud services can dynamically adjust to business imperatives .

IBM & Kandy Business Solutions give offer a world-wide footprint that includes dial tone access in over 80 countries – so organizations can deliver the same services to every site. And since it is a cloud service mobile employees and teleworkers have access to the same services as office staff.


Ribbon and IBM provide enterprises the following advantages:
  • Extend the value of Sametime and Connections deployments by adding voice and video
  • Replace antiquated PBXs with dynamically scalable cloud communication solutions
  • Improve real-time communication access for telecommuters and road warriors
  • Innovative client technology that is less expensive to deploy and manage
  • Consistent user experience across job functions and sites
  • Worldwide access

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