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Applications that Connect People

We love applications because they let us save time, discover new hobbies, make our lives easier and do many other great things. But adding real-time communications to integrated applications requires building a communication network and dealing with media, transcoding, user handling, interconnection and many other complicated components that distract Independent Software Vendors (ISV) from their key objective of providing great applications.

Kandy Platform Solutions let ISVs focus on what they do best by providing a rich set of WebRTC powered communication features that can easily be embedded into any mobile, desktop or web application with our comprehensive SDKs for Android, iOS and JavaScript.

Embed real-time communications to let your users talk, chat and share within your application
  • Go beyond click to call, click to chat (although these are great places to start) and bring in video conferencing, presence and collaboration tools to make your application more immersive, more engaging
  • Enhance the experience by bringing in the contextual data – whether it’s historical, analytical or just basic details – put the data in your user’s view to give them the full picture
  • Deliver all of this without the million-dollar R&D investment, without the headache of a communications infrastructure and with the power of a highly secure, scalable, carrier-grade foundation

Let Kandy Boost Your App Revenue

Bolt On

Easily add real-time communications with our cloud APIs. We can provide the connectivity or you can connect to your own service provider via SIP trunk. Alternatively, put the entire platform onto your private cloud.

Build Upon

Let your developers rapidly build out and deploy innovative services using Kandy capabilities. Enrich the user interactions with the human factor — presence, voice, video, messaging and collaboration.

Bring Together

Same capabilities and benefits across different end user platforms and environments.

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