Real-time Communication Between Doctors and Remote Tele-scribers

telemedicineUse Case

  • Real-time communication between doctors and remote tele-scribers to optimize doctors workflow and improve their productivity.
  • Doctors can launch their application on iPad or laptop with tele-scriber while examining the patients.
  • Doctor dictates the diagnosis using Kandy voice capability for tele-scriber to take notes and enter key information on Electronic Medical Record (EMR).
  • Tele-scriber uses Kandy screen share capability to share EMR with the doctor.
  • Client side voice recording helps tele-scriber to revisit doctor notes.

Kandy CPaaS APIs

  • Messaging, Presence, Voice, WebRTC Screen Share & client side voice recording

Value Proposition

  • Doctors and physicians recover precious time lost due to EMR documentation requirements by using the solution. Such time is better utilized diagnosing and treating patients
  • Transform the role of traditional medical transcription, by delivering real-time, virtual connectivity to perform administrative tasks

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